Londoners are heartbroken at the sight of a lone fox curled up having had its home ‘destroyed’ by the council. The person posting the picture on Reddit said: “Was sleeping in the rain, they are neighbors of mine. Council cut the bush down probably because people are littering the place.”

And it’s all to familiar for another Reddit user. One person said: “Similar happened to a family of foxes living in a garden that I could see from my flat. Developer came in an got rid of all the scrub, increasing the garden space by like 400%.

“Family of foxes still came by. I have videos of the three cubs and the mother (?) playing on the lawn and sleeping in the sun. Cutest little things I’ve ever seen. Hopefully they found a new suitable home.”

Unfortunately some people don’t take well to the furry creatures and instead choose the poison them. There are a few things to do if you suspect a fox of having been poisoned, according to the RSCPA.

Cutting out the bushes, home is gone now
Cutting out the bushes, home is gone now

The signs to look out for include dead animals like rabbits cut open and staked out as bait, and several dead animals close together, such as rabbits. Also keep an eye out for animals that have died suddenly for no obvious reason, and eggs in unusual places, possibly with an ink mark.

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