Meet Messi, a 200lbs mountain lion who was rescued as a kitten by his loving owner. Not only does Messi live inside his hooman’s home, but he is cuddled, pampered, and cared for exactly like any other house cat would be. Messi’s owners have no distinction or biases in place to accommodate for Messi’s size– according to them, cat is cat. 

This pampered puma hops up on the couch, sleeps on the bed, and plays with balls of yarn just like any old tabby would. Messi, like any cat, gets fascinated with random household objects like wrapping paper tubes, and he plays endlessly, running around the house and skittering his dinner-plate-sized paws across the hard wood floors. 

Messi is a mischievous goober who makes snarky cat faces at his owners when they love him too much, he rolls on his back for tummy pets, and he gets into all sorts of trouble at home, just like any other cat. Not only that, but he must be the friendliest and chillest big cat known to man because he even tolerates wearing clothes. Just look at this distinguished gentleman in his tuxedo and fedora!

Unlike most rescue cats, Messi lives in the home and acts like a pet. Oftentimes when big cats are rescued from the wild or from breeding rings, they have a number of behavioral issues that can make them unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. There are countless people who house and care for wild cats in their home but that can lead to disaster. Honestly, looking at Messi and his relationship with his hoomans, it’s hard to believe that this cuddly kitty would ever hurt a fly. He’s a gentle giant through and through. 


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