The sweet boy watched kitten after kitten get adopted as he just sat there waiting for someone to accept the love he had to give. 

If you’re thinking about becoming a cat mom, consider getting an adult cat. We know kittens are epically cute and hard to resist. But adult cats need just as much love as any kitten, and yet they get overlooked constantly. That’s exactly what happened to one sweet boy at a shelter and his mom is still heartbroken thinking about it. 

The cat was in the shelter for months apparently, while all the kittens around him were getting adopted. Nobody even considered that this sweet feline had a lot of love to give. 

Sierra, this sweet boy’s now forever-mom shares videos of just how sweet her boy really is. He loves to cuddle and make biscuits. It’s unbelievable that this little man was passed up over and over again for months. Sierra advocates for everyone to consider adopting an older cat, rather than a kitten. Kittens get adopted very quickly usually, but older cats tend to spend much more time waiting. It’s heartbreaking. If this sweet boy proves anything, it’s that you could truly be missing out on the feline love of your life if you pass up an adult cat just because you only want a kitten. 


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