Cat rescuers and New York State troopers teamed up for the dramatic rescue of a kitten later named Peek-a-Boo. The cute grey and white kitten managed somehow to get in the median of the busy Southern State Parkway in Queens at rush hour. Against all odds, cat rescuer, Corrinne, saw Peek-a-Boo playing just inches from traffic. With no time to spare, state troopers and another rescuer converged on the scene.

Corrinne Gillingham just happened to volunteer with “Long Island’s own Cat Hero,“ John Debacker, at Long Island Cats and Kittens Solutions (LICKS).

 We’ve previously shared stories about how Debacker often goes to great lengths to help cats and kittens from all sorts of dangerous situations. He rushed to the scene, where State Troopers soon arrived to find out why the woman had stopped with her hazard lights on.

Peek-a-Boo the rescued kitten

That’s when everyone began working together to save the 4-6-week-old kitten. How the little one managed to get into such a perilous position was unclear, but possibly, someone dumped her there. But now, she had a team of people working to save her.

‘Miracle on the Parkway’

Everyone worked together to save Peek-a-Boo, who was hiding in the weeds. Debacker coaxed her from hiding by playing a YouTube video of cats meowing. He shared that the troopers halted a lane of traffic for the rescue, which is spectacular.

With the troopers managing the traffic, the rescuers caught the one-pound kitten. Soon, she was safely on the way to the veterinarian and remarkably unscathed. She was only a little dehydrated. Corrine named the kitten after how she was playing in the median, dodging cars without concern, just like Zig Zag of the Cole and Marmalade family! 

Grey and white kitten with yelllow background

To Corrinne, it seemed miraculous that the kitten made it out of such a tight spot. It was amazing that so many caring people arrived just when one tiny kitten needed help.

Debacker also called the kitten a “miracle on the parkway” that Monday, June 6, 2022. 

Corrinne Gillingham, Peek-a-Boo the kitten

Where is Peek-a-Boo Today?

Recently, Debacker shared an update on Peek-a-Boo, who Corrine adopted after bringing her home to foster. Thus, a so-called “foster fail,” but who can blame her?

Once settled in, the kitten continued playing Peek-a-boo in her new home.

Kitten named Peek-a-Boo plays Peek-a-Boo.

Now, you can follow Peek-a-Boo’s adventures on Instagram. As you can see, she is such a cute little miracle and seems to know it.

Cute rescued grey and white kitten

In November, Peek-a-Boo reached the milestone of spaying and enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with her best friend.

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