Cats and dogs are very different creatures. They have different habits, they have different patterns of behavior, they have different instincts and understandings. It’s no wonder then that they tend to have strange reactions to one another. They don’t understand why the other one does some of the things that they do. The main difference is that cats will not often show their confusion when it comes to dogs. They’ll pretend as if they understand. Dogs, on the other hand, will let you know just how befuddled they are by cats, and it’s always so heckin’ funny. 

We’ve seen giant doggos get intimidated by tiny kittens. And who can blame them when kittens wage such fierce yet adorable battles against dogs sometimes? We’ve even seen a dog get completely bamboozled by a kitten stealing his bed, not understanding that, from the kitten’s perspective, sharing is a compliment. And today, we get to see another awwdorable reaction like that – of a dog who is completely and utterly confused by the loud meowing of an itty bitty kitten.


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