A sweet pooch is recovering after he was found “cemented” to a Florida sidewalk for days and left to die, according to a local animal shelter.

The hardy dog — who officials named “Trooper” — was found completely stuck to a sidewalk on Yamato Road in Boca Roton, Floria the Tri-County Humane Animal Rescue said in a social media post on Monday.

The rescue group believe the poor pup was stuck there for days given the terrible condition he was in.

“The smell was unbearable. There was no way a dog could have ended up like this overnight. How long was it going on?” the shelter said.

Trooper’s rescuers said maggots were crawling from his fur as they shaved him down. His nails were also long overgrown and he was suffering from severe tooth decay, the organization said.

The courageous pooch was also diagnosed with a whopping 22 medical conditions after “hours of grooming, Keto shampoo baths because of urine and fecal burns, tests, more tests, and even more tests.”

Among the most serious are paralysis, heart murmur, corneal ulcers, an enlarged prostate, worms, severe periodontal disease, ear infections and a urinary tract infection, Tri County Humane Animal Rescue said.

The shelter said that his medical expenses have already topped $2,500 and asked the public for donations to help cover the costs.

They are hoping to take the pup to a specialist so he can possibly learn to walk again.

As of Saturday night, they raised over $12,000 for Trooper.

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