Bruno the cat first arrived at the Montville Animal Shelter in November, after the child of his previous owners became allergic to him. Two months later, he was adopted by a single mother and young daughter seeking a first pet. But when they brought him home, the shelter’s Lindsay Persico said, he was just a little too close for comfort.

Persico explained that the mother worked from home and the cat would constantly headbutt her, making it difficult to get work done. The cat also insisted on sleeping in the young daughter’s bed, which resulted in the two staying up late to play. So a week later, Bruno was brought back to the shelter.

Persico said that when Bruno returned, he was depressed. So Persico took to Facebook and posted Bruno’s story. The post blew up, with over 200,000 views and hundreds of comments. And the adoption applications started pouring in.

“We probably got about 50 [applications],” Persico said, which is rare for the shelter.

In fact, an update to the Facebook post said they had to pause applications. People from all over the country called the shelter to inquire.

Bruno was adopted and is now in a new home. But the overwhelming response has helped the shelter’s other cats too.

“People were coming to our door to meet Bruno and we got almost all the cats in the shelter adopted in the meantime,” she said.

Bruno the Cat Returned for Being 'Too Affectionate' Gets Adopted

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