One of the things that we, self-declared animal connoisseurs, love the most is reading animal rescue stories. There’s just something about them that makes us smile and reminds us of the good of humanity. No matter how small the act of kindness, seeing it makes us happier. But the thing that always gets us in our feels the most are stories where people go out of their way to help an animal. Like the cute story of the man who patiently helped a koala cross a busy highway, or the amazing story about the couple who saved an abandoned bear cub and helped it grow into an incredible, majestic, pampered animal, or the heartwarming story of the kind people who helped a husky walk again after being told that it will never be able to. 

This is the kind of video that we have for you guys today – a video of a man who simply went out on a fishing trip encountering a baby raccoon in need and going out of his way – spending his whole day – to help this precious helpless animal survive. 


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