The Humane Society of Harlingen, Texas, shared one very “spicy chicken nugget,” a grey and white kitten with serious cattitude. The kitten is backed into the corner of a crate and standing upright with a look that says, “Don’t even think about it.”

For cat rescuers, encountering “spicy” kittens is a regular part of the job. They’re so small and defenseless; all we want to do is cuddle them. But if they haven’t encountered kind people before, they do their best to puff up and look menacing. But it’s no use; they’re still adorable and maybe, even more when they try to be little tigers.

Rescuers hope that before long, the ones that put up the biggest protest will, in all likelihood, soon melt into little lovebugs. First, they must realize they’re safe, and you’re there to help them. When that moment happens, it’s the best, whether kittens or the oldest rescued cats. You get to be an angel for one little furry life.

Spicy Chicken Nugget

Along with the priceless picture of this spicy chicken nugget, the Harlingen rescuers shared the story, and it’s so funny we had to share it with our followers. The writer did a terrific job of capturing the little kitten’s spirit.

“I should probably let you know right away that I hate everything. That’s right, hoomans, hate ’em; toys, ain’t got time; snuggles? Barf; head scritches? Don’t touch me. You want to pick me up? I’m a black belt in karate. 

There are a few things I will tolerate, but DON’T get too cozy too quick, foolish hooman. Food? Well, I gotta eat, don’t I??? A nice warm bed? A guy’s gotta rest!! A little peace and quiet? I need it more than anyone!! 

Someone, please rescue me and give me the kingdom I rightfully DESERVE and maybe, just maybe, you’ll turn me into a mushy, loving chicken nugget. HA! DON’T COUNT ON IT! Now get out of my way – I think I’ll take a jog around the room.”

Need More Spicy Chicken Nugget

Following the story by one very creative writer, fans wanted to see more of this kitten.

“Hey, it’s spicy chicken nugget again. I woke up to everyone loving on my story. Why are you so obsessed with me? Get OVER it. I received toys today and was severely disgusted. Yuck! Leave that boring stuff for someone else. 

I’ll just sulk around FOREVER. Wait – that’s too long. Fine, I’ll wait until I get my kingdom. I NEED it more than anyone!”

Feisty Cattitude Wins Kitten a Home

Luckily Spicy Chicken Nugget has found a forever home. That didn’t take long at all! Certainly, the funny story went a long way to generating interest for the little fuzzball. From its popularity, it looks like many people were ready for the challenge of winning over the feisty kitten. Amazingly, it looks like this woman has won the kitten over. 

“I’m finally getting my kingdom with my forever hooman today. I know I said I hated everything but this isn’t so bad. I kinda like her. DON’T tell anyone!  I don’t know, maybe I’m going soft, but you should know there are PLENTY of other kittens here at the humane society waiting for their hoomans too. Praise me all you want. I’ll always be the boss. SEE YA!”

Woman adopts the funny kitten, Harlingen, Texas

In the end, this kitten’s little cattitude won them a new home. However, countless others need help, and the shelter website currently states they desperately need fosters, adopters, and donations. To help support the Humane Society of Harlingen, Texas, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook. According to a recent Facebook post, they are the only no-kill shelter in the region.