A dog was mistakenly euthanized after an error was entered into a computer system, according to a North Carolina shelter and the dog’s owner.

Destiny Daniels’ 2-year-old dog, Kaos, entered a 10-day quarantine at Pitt County Animal Services on Sunday, Jan. 22, WITN reported.

Daniels said her dog was in quarantine after biting someone, and she voluntarily opted to send him to quarantine at the shelter for 10 days before picking him up and bringing him home, according to a TikTok video.

When Daniels went to pick Kaos up from quarantine on Thursday, Feb. 2, the shelter told her they had euthanized her dog, she said in a Facebook post.

“They got my dog paperwork wrong,” Daniels wrote.

“This makes me sick,” one person commented on Daniels’ post. “Your poor baby!!”

This is terrible, and ‘I’m sorry,’ or someone being suspended is not enough reparation for this,” another person wrote.

The shelter said the dog was mistakenly euthanized “through human error,” according to a Feb. 6 Facebook post.

“The owner’s desire for the dog to be returned home was incorrectly entered into the computer system,” the shelter said. “Animal Services deeply regrets this incident and offers our sincere apologies.”

An internal review was conducted following the mistake and the shelter plans to implement procedural changes going forward, including contacting animal owners to verify their plans regardless of quarantine paperwork, the shelter said.

“We regret our mistake and through improved procedures, aim to provide the best care of all animals in our care,” the statement from Pitt County Animal Services concluded.

Unacceptable! This is no mistake,” one person commented on the shelter’s post. “You killed that poor lady’s dog. This is the worst way to lose a pet.”

“This isn’t a mess up order at the drive thru, y’all killed her dog and there’s no bringing him back or justice,” another person said. “Just shut the whole place down. This is unacceptable.”

My heart hurts reading this,” a third person commented.

Daniels said she was able to bury Kaos in her grandmother’s yard, according to her TikTok video, which showed flowers and ribbon on her “baby’s” grave.

Pitt County is about 80 miles east of Raleigh.


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