Have you ever wondered what your cats do when you’re asleep or when you’re not home? We have, all the time. Every single time we leave the house for any extended time, we think about what our cats spend the whole day doing. Of course, cats go out of their way to cause chaos even when we are home, but we always assume that they really take the opportunity to do as much stuff that they know they’re not allowed to do when we’re not home. Still, we’ve never actually tried to film it. Well, some other people did. 

One person put up a camera and found out that their cat waits for them by the door the whole day while they’re gone. Another person who put up a camera found out that their cat cuddles their dog every single day to comfort it when the humans are not home. And today, the couple who decided to film themselves to find out what their cat does when they’re asleep… well, let’s just say the result is somehow both the most wholesome yet the most hissterical thing you have seen. 


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