A little puppy named Sasha is stealing hearts of everyone online.

In the video, foster dog mom Dina Ho films the puppy sitting on her bed in the corner. The poor animal lowers her head, looking dejected.

According to Ho, Sasha had gotten in a tiff with her sibling. “A little fight did happen between Sasha and Sammy, and she’s just so sad,” she says in the clip.

Sasha’s body language makes it pretty clear who came out on top. His foster mom says the puppy was so sad she almost cried.

Fortunately, Ho found a way to cheer Sasha up after the quarrel. She took off her sweater to let the puppy cuddle up inside.


@pawrudd Give sasha some love she’s sad 😭😭 #pawrudd ♬ original sound – Diem

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