A large pet bird that is normally native to Australia caused a ruckus south of Boston, Massachusetts, after escaping from her home, the Associated Press reported.

The bird is an emu.

It’s the second-tallest bird on Earth after the ostrich, its close relative.

The flightless bird apparently managed to get loose on Thursday night in East Bridgewater — and led police on a chase through Brockton, WCVB-TV reported.

Surveillance video showed the emu strolling through an intersection in Brockton.

A different video posted on social media then showed her running alongside a car, various outlets reported.

The bird’s owner, Lee Flaherty, told the television station that a wild animal likely caused the emu to jump over a 6-foot (2-meter) high fence and take off.

The pet bird — named Mallory — eventually was subdued in a parking lot by Flaherty, police and a bystander, the AP reported.

Mallory the emu was “shaken and tired” — and suffered an injury to her leg.

After the journey, in which she traveled past Massasoit Community College and Brockton Hospital, Mallory was safely back in her pen.

The Brockton Police Department said calls started coming in about 9:35 p.m. on Thursday about an emu running loose through the Pine Street and Perry Avenue area, various outlets reported.

The animal was on the loose for about an hour, according to reports.

After “a cramped ride” in the back of Flaherty’s SUV, Mallory is reportedly now back in her pen at home with her companion, Mickey.

Flaherty told news outlets that Mallory was “shaken and tired” — and that she had an injury to her leg.

However, it appears that she’ll be OK. 

On social media, several people had some “punny” fun with the odd news: One person wrote on Twitter, “Anybody check with Liberty Mutual?”

Another person wrote, “Run Emu run!”

Still another wrote that the bird “just wanted liberty, liberty, liberty.”

Emus can run great distances and have been clocked at 31 mph, according to wildlife sources. 

While the bird is flightless — it still has wings, which are used to keep the animal’s body cool.

The emu will stretch out its wings and let air circulate around its body.

The bird can weigh anywhere from about 65 pounds to 100 pounds, according to National Geographic.


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