The people that returned him have the Karma police on their tail

There’s one thing that all animal lovers can agree on… People suck. Not every hooman that strolls up to the dog shelter has good intentions when bringing home their trusting, loyal, new pet. One shelter doggo, a sheep dog mix named Hendricks, got the short stick of humanity when he expected to go to his forever home, only to be returned a week later by the worst people known to man. 

For starters, Hendricks is the most handsomest baby on this Earth. This quirky smile would melt the heart of the iciest individual. He was up for adoption at a shelter and was picked up by some folks who seemed normal enough. They met him, signed the forms, and took him home on the spot. Hendricks and his fosters were excited at the prospects of a furrever family, but then his story took a turn. 

His adopters claimed that he had attacked and bit them multiple times, which was a new characteristic that Hendricks had never displayed before. At the shelter he was only ever loving and excited to be around people, never aggressive. However, when the dastardly hoomans who adopted him returned him to the rescue, they foster parents began asking questions. 

After investigation, they learned that the adopters had been shocking him with a shock collar repeatedly, abusing him and making him feel unsafe. Naturally, Hendricks, who was in a new environment with people he didn’t know, got protective and scared of the people who were supposed to be protecting him and loving him. 

These horrible people even suggested Hendricks be put up to be euthanized! People are the worst. However, the rescue wouldn’t have that. One of the shelter managers took it upon herself to make Hendricks the official mascot of the rescue, keeping him full time as an ambassador doggo who could help new pups get acclimated at the rescue ranch. 

This goober became the face of the shelter and has continued to live a great life under the protection and care of his original foster pawrents. 

This just goes to show you that not all human beings are capable of loving another creature. Doggos would give us the world if they could, they simply need an environment where they feel safe and loved and they’re perfectly happy to reciprocate.

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