Cats are known as incredibly independent creatures. They can take care of themselves, they can and do whatever they want whenever they want, and if they live with humans and allow said humans to pamper them, then it’s not because they can’t handle themselves but because they choose to be pampered. Still, despite that, some kitties, unfortunately, find themselves in situations when they need a little help. Whether they are a cat who was abandoned alone in the cold or a cat who is sick and a alone, sometimes, even cats need to be rescued. 

We don’t know the full story of what happened to the kitty in this video, all we know is that this cat called for help for days on end, and thankfully, eventually, some kind humans found it and gave it the love that it deserves. This kitty was so docile, so ready for help, so gentle with the humans who came to rescue it, that it makes us even more grateful than we would have been about it being rescued. Clearly, this cat was ready for a forever home. 


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