As cat owners, we have found ourselves wondering many times what would happen if we left our cats alone for too long. Heck, we wonder what our cats do when we leave them alone for the day. So, when we’re thinking about taking a vacation for a little while, man, are we worried. Still, sometimes, for whatever reason, we do have to leave them, and although we worry, some things really give us hope. And by “some things”, we mean adorable cat and human reunion videos.

We have seen everything from the emotional reunion of a cat and its owner after 7 days apart all the way to a cat getting reunited with its owner after 5 years apart. It always warms our hearts. It always makes us happy. And the video we have for you today definitely did both. After being apart for a couple of months, this adorable had the such a sweet emotional reaction to seeing his human again, our hearts practically melted, and yours will too.