Dogs have a very special role in people’s lives– for most dogs, their goal and primary purpose is to bring joy to everyone around them. Well, one dog is a professional joy bringer, blissfully prancing through the lives of everyone he meets, cross-stepping and trotting over peoples sorrows and woes. Meet Fenix, a pure white husky with a neurological disorder that effects his motor control. 

The spring in his step is not a trick. Fenix’s brain simply cannot compute standard physical functions. This neurological disorder iscalled Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which affects his coordination and balance. He’s not in any pain and has a full life expectancy, which he completely intends to live to the fullest. Fenix is quite simply the happiest looking dog in the world. 

Fenix the goodest trottist doggo ever to live

This husky, and his twin brother who has the same neurological disorder, have become life coaches to people with mental health problems. This is probably the coolest way that his owners have capitalized on their joy bringing abilities. Their videos on social media consist of daily pawsitive affirmations and tips on how to get the most out of life. 

Fenix truly has become the ultimate Happiness Dog-tor, treating depression symptoms for every single person he meets just by simply being himself. Now if that’s not the most “dog” thing you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. Inspiring his increasing fandom has been Fenix’s entire goal in life. Although he probably has no idea why people love him so much, his effect on people’s lives is astounding. e u

This jolly jogger has no idea that his walking style is so cute and adorable, he’s just simply living his life and the rest of us are just present. Fenix has main character energy and there’s no doubting that he is a star that loves the attention. So if you’re feeling sad or have had a moody week, apparently the only way to truly cope and recover is to look at silly, cute videos of this husky. The Dog-tor is in and he says the cure to a bad attitude is prancing along like you have no cares in the world… Just like Fenix.


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