People were left in shock and disbelief after it emerged that two chihuahuas were heartlessly abandoned by their owners who went on vacation. Luckily, police managed to rescue the pooches.

The two adorable chihuahuas had to be rescued by the police after their owners left them to fend for themselves in the house.

The dogs, named Toby and Chloe, were left without food or water and were facing certain death if not rescued on time.

The distressed pups were taken in by Helping Yorkshire Poundies charity that contacted their owners upon their return from their trip. To the shelter’s heartbreak, the family wanted nothing to do with their dogs anymore and gave them up immediately.

Emotional Facebook post

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, written on behalf of the unwanted pooches, the animal welfare charity wrote:

“We were rescued by the police after we were left to fend for ourselves in the house when my owners went on holiday and didn’t want us back. We couldn’t believe it…our little legs couldn’t find food or water for ourselves – it was horrible being alone and hungry.”

The dogs are now looking for a new loving home and can be rehomed together or separately. The charity reveals that even though the pups ‘get on OK’, they occasionally get ‘fed up’ with each other.

To adopt Toby and Chloe or find out more about the vital work of Helping Yorkshire Poundies animal welfare charity, go to their website.

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