It’s winter, it’s cold, and we’re in need of a little more warmth in our lives right now. And is there anything more sweet and heartwarming than a kitten rescue story? We don’t think so. No matter how many of these kinds of stories we read, they always have the same affect on us. By the end of it, we find ourselves smiling, happy, and with a fresh sense of hope for humanity. Every kitten that gets rescued and adopted is like another ray of sunshine in our lives, and we want to make sure that you feel some of that warmth too.

So, today, we brought you a truly heartwarming thread about a person who found a kitten alone, sick, and hopeless and rescued it. And then, not only did they rescue the cutie, they – of course – ended up falling in love and deciding to make the kitten a part of their family. Get ready to feel the feels and get warm, friends.


Another year, another stray that steals our heart.
The sweet baby has found a warm and happy home.

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