A group of malnourished puppies are recovering at a local shelter after Mequon police officers Monday responded to a report of them being spotted in a surrounding area near a ditch.

Three puppies, named Love, Amar and Liebe, are currently in treatment for malnourishment at the Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus in Saukville. A fourth puppy was severely malnourished and had to be euthanized.

Separately, another puppy from the litter, named Brad, was brought to the Humane Society on Friday after a person discovered him close to the ditch and cared for him during the storm before bringing him in.

The four puppies ― the Humane Society doesn’t label dogs with breed identifications ― will need a couple of weeks of recovery to build their strength and gain weight and will go to a foster home as soon as the Humane Society can find foster placement, said Wisconsin Humane Society Vice President of Communications Angela Speed.

“On Tuesday, they were exhausted, and already in three days they were playing with toys and snuggling with me,” said Speed.

The Humane Society doesn’t expect the puppies will be healthy enough for adoption for about two to three weeks, she said.

As of Friday, no one has come forward to claim the puppies. The Humane Society will lift the stray hold on Feb. 19. It is unknown why the puppies were left in the ditch, said Speed.

The Humane Society urged any individuals who need to surrender an animal to contact the society for assistance. “We will not turn away an animal in need,” said Speed.

Mequon officers responded Monday evening to a report of four 8-week-old puppies in a ditch between Cedarburg and Highland roads in Mequon.

A Wisconsin Humane Society overnight staff member responded and immediately transported the injured puppy to Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center, an emergency clinic in Grafton.

The injured puppy was euthanized due to his poor condition and severe injury, said Speed.

The other three were transported to the Ozaukee Campus to receive treatment and they, along with Brad, are expected to make a full recovery.

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