Since the dawn of time, the world has been divided into two groups – cat people and dog people. Half say that cats are better than dogs, half say that dogs are better than cats, but you know what we say? We say that everyone is wrong and that, in fact, the best thing is when cats and dogs hang out together. Take a giant pupper and put next to it the tiniest kitten and bam- you’ve got everyone on your side. And that’s exactly what we have for you today – a video of a giant doggo reacting to tiny kittens.

We love it every time we see it. Whether it’s a large dog gets adorably confused by an itty bitty kitten because it’s meowing too loudly, or whether it’s a dog getting intimidated by a teeny weeny kitten or what we have today – a dog getting absolutely shook by kittens occupying his bed. Every time these huge creatures react to these itty bitty ones, our hearts just- ugh, flutter. 


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