A cat mama named Bella recently almost lost her kitties to her canine sister who turned into the household CPS of pets. Her doggo sister Blu saw Bella being a mama and nipping at the kittens when needed and Bitting at their scruff, etc. Things a mama cat has to do. But Blue the dog said “oh no!” And decided to steal them kittens and raise them (spoil them) all by herself. She was cuddling with them, grooming them, and even protecting them from whenever mama cat Bella would get in the room. 

However, Bella is a cat, and a mama cat for that, so she wasn’t about to let some dog take over her babies. She fought for her kittens (not literally but also kind of literally) and she got her babies back. But Bella the cat and Blue the canine are sister for life and love each other. So they came to a wholesome and adorable compromise and now they are co-parenting the kittens together. 


@milkymutton The reason why my dog is now there legal guardian #dogmum #herewithme #fyp #milkymutton #huskypuppy #kittens ♬ Here With Me – d4vd

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