There is something special about the relationship between cats and ducklings. We don’t know what it is. It should scare us to see these fragile itty bitty ducklings in the arms of these… slightly less fragile kittens, but it doesn’t. Not really. Not when we know that they’re being supervised. Because yes, in the wild, you probably wouldn’t see many videos of kittens and ducklings cuddling, but in some people’s homes, where they are taking care of both kittens and itty bitty ducklings, there is a chance – although a small one – that that’s exactly what would happen. 

And that’s exactly what happened here – sweet little ducklings cuddled up to this precious kitten, and you know what happened? Nothing. All of them, together, simply fell asleep, looking like they were completely at peace. So, this one is for all of you guys out there who really needed some pure peace in their lives right now.


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