Mama Dog Who Was Abandoned by Puppy Mill Breeder Touches People’s Hearts (VIDEO)

Jetta is one resilient pup! Thanks to the kindness of TikTok user @adoptingdogs, she’s finally getting the attention and love that she deserves.

This gorgeous gal had been a mama dog at a puppy mill before being abandoned by her breeder, but things are looking up following her rescue. Not only is she living her best life at Wayne County Dog Shelter in Wooster, Ohio, but she’s one step closer to her forever home, too!

We’re so happy you’re safe and sound, Jetta! A shelter may not be the best place to rest and relax, but it’s a very huge step up from life at a puppy mill.

“There’s a special place in hell for people like that,” said commenter @mari.lexi. “May Jetta live a beautiful life beside someone who will give her unconditional love forever.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! This beautiful girl deserves to be absolutely pampered with toys, treats, and lots of affection.

As much as we love what @adoptingdogs is doing for rescue pups like Jetta, we understand why @kobewobe wants to “normalize calling out these non-ethical breeders so that people stop purchasing from them.” If only it were that simple! As @adoptingdogs replied, “they will just change their business name and continue doing what they do. Laws that are actually enforced are the only things that will help.”

Until those laws are put into place, though, rescues like the Wayne County Dog Shelter are vital for helping dogs find their forever homes–no breeding involved!


@adoptingdogs Jetta is available at the Wayne County Dog Shelter in Wooster Ohio. #fyp #foryou #dogvideo #shelterdog #rescuedog #puppymillsurvivor #woosterohio #wooster ♬ Love Of My Life – Metrow Ar

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