In a miraculous escape, a dog plunged 131feet off a cliff edge and managed to survive with only a minor cut on his leg.

‘Eddie the Eagle,’ a one-year-old Cocker Spaniel fell over the edge of Whitestone Cliff, North Yorkshire. His owner Rowena Adamson shared the scary moment when she saw Eddie lying motionless and feared for his life. She was scared more so since she lost another dog the year before.

“He started to venture away from me so I shouted him back, thinking I better get him on his lead, when he disappeared from view. My heart plummeted because I am familiar with that area and I knew on the other side of where he’d gone down was a big rock drop and there was no way he could survive that,” said Adamson.

The 70-year-old continued, “I had recently lost my last dog and only got Eddie in August so my first thought was “Oh no, I can’t lose him too.”‘ She then saw Eddie down motionless and went to Sutton Bank Visitor Centre to get help, reports DailyMail.

‘He’s alive’

Paul Christie, a caretaker, then called out mountain rescue volunteers for help and went to the cliff edge. “I laid down and looked over the side and I could have sworn I saw a bit of movement. We got his owner’s friend to call his name and I was amazed to see him move his head. I shouted: “He’s alive!” shared Christie.

After rescuing the dog and bringing him back safely, the 48-year-old caretaker told, “It was important to me to get him back up that cliff as soon as I could before he came round fully and keeping him as straight as possible to be mindful of any injuries.”

‘Eddie the Eagle’

He explained about making it to the top to get Eddie needed medical attention, “The climb back up was so hard but my determination to get Eddie back to his owner kept me going. My arms were hurting for two days after.” The surprised caretaker still can’t figure out how the dog survived the fall, “I do not know how Eddie survived that fall.

It is all rocky and shaley at the bottom so there is no option of a soft landing. He is the luckiest dog alive.” Adamson found a new nickname for his dog in the process, “This has given us quite a scare. I used to call him Eddie the chunk but I’m now calling him Eddie the Eagle for his daring exploits. How he didn’t smash himself to bits I don’t know.”

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