Nature can be so miraculous. Just take the situation that TikTok account holder discovered in their barn one morning, involving a mama cat who found herself with a very interesting and cuddly choice of birthing partner. 

We aren’t sure how this unlikely duo ended up together in the exact same predicament, but it sure is adorably amazing. 

Maybe they bonded together because they were both in labor? Or to keep warm in the barn? Now, one issue TikTok users are quick to point out is made eloquently by @Autumn who posts, “Listen this is very cute but rabbits have a tendency to eat their young when they’re stressed out, I don’t wanna see how this plays out.” LOL, yes. we saw the video now let’s separate these two! @Wendy disagrees and comments, “They made the choice to birth next to each other. They must feel safe and chose to do this together. Keep them together!” @Franzizkalmalsy hilariously posts, “Let them co-parent, they’re doing way better than lot of humans.” 

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