Authorities Uncover Illegal Basement Puppy Operation (VIDEO)

An illegal operation that was mutilating puppies was uncovered in a Philadelphia basement, the  Pennsylvania SPCA said.

According to the PSCPA, they learned of the case when two 8-week-old puppies were taken to a local emergency animal hospital in critical condition. 

The puppies were lethargic, slow to respond and cold to the touch. Their ears were clipped and their tails sustained deep wounds.

Twelve other dogs were removed from two properties. One of the puppies did not survive.

Under Pennsylvania’s cruelty code, it is illegal for anyone other than a licensed veterinarian to perform ear cropping or tail docking, which is what the dog owner claimed his original intent was.

Authorities are investigating two people for animal cruelty.

Charges are pending at the moment. 


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One thought on “Authorities Uncover Illegal Basement Puppy Operation (VIDEO)

  1. The laws need to change and be much more severe. The disgusting people who knew about this and didn’t report it should also be charged, sorry excuses for human beings. These people need serious prison time.

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