Raylan is “a purebred mutt who enjoys getting beer for loved ones, road trips, and cuddling with his foster kittens,” as his Instagram bio totes.

His owner explained in a post last month that the pup has an affinity for taking care of the family’s foster kittens while they wait to get adopted, and a video featuring the furry foster dad in action has quickly gone viral.

The pooch has helped her care for more than 100 kittens over the last nine years, but it’s his unique parenting style that has made waves.

In the clip, Raylan is seen grabbing the kittens by the scruffs of their necks and carrying them around in his mouth!

While the move seems aggressive, his owner writes: “It’s still just as funny as the first time! It’s how large predators (like wolves and lions) carry their babies and it looks scary at first.”

Yet, “it’s been 9 years of no injuries and kittens asking to be picked up again and again! 90% of them love it – the other 10% Raylan just snuggles with instead.”

The doggo has clearly thrived in his role as a foster parent, and videos of Raylan have made him an internet sensation – with 101,000 followers and counting.


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