An orange tabby cat named Lucky will be reunited with his owner soon after he was discovered in Kansas City, Missouri two years after he went missing in Miami, Florida. He was found nearly 15,000 miles from his home! 

Animal Control still hasn’t determined how she wandered that far off to end up all the way in Kansas City. Watch the following to see Lucky’s miraculous story. 

  Having a cat go missing for that many years only to show up that far away was something the local police department  wasn’t expecting. Even for a 21-year law enforcement veteran like Capt. Ivan Washington, it’s shocking.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this in my 20-plus years of service,” said Capt. Washington, who is with the Prairie Village Police Department. When a local person found the cat Saturday night they felt it was too cold for him to be outside, so they called Prairie Village’s Animal Control Unit.

“We have microchips here,” said Capt. Washington. “Our Animal Control Unit microchipped the cat. Usually the kitten is local, right? That way, we can reunite the kitten with the owner quickly. This time, it ended up that the owner is in Miami, Florida.”

This is just another happy reminder to microchip your pet, because it really can help you reunite with them if they are ever lost. 

Here’s hoping Lucky that lucky cat gets to be reunited with his owners soon!


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