It is widely known that human settlements have robbed certain wild animals of their natural habitats. Construction of roads and cutting down forests for agriculture and industrial means pose a great many challenges to wildlife. It’s heartwarming, then, to hear stories of people doing what they can for these animals. A little girl was captured helping out a baby elephant that was stuck on the side of a human-made road. 

In the video posted on Reddit by u/PxN13, the baby elephant seems to be struggling to get out of mud collected on the side of the road. However, a young girl steps in to help him by guiding him to lift one leg and then the other to get out. After a bit of struggle, the elephant got out of the mud and was extremely relieved and happy. It even lifts its trunk to make a gesture of gratitude to the little girl. 

This beautiful video is a message that animals are affectionate and caring irrespective of any situation. They only become aggressive when dealing with any past trauma or feel like they are in danger.