When a household pet becomes overweight it can cause serious health problems, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep our animal friends as close to their ideal weight as possible. But just like with humans, dogs and cats come in all different body shapes. Some are naturally trim… others, not so much.

Cashew the French bulldog definitely fit more into the latter category. While there’s no doubt that Cashew is an adorable little nugget that we’d love to cuddle with all day long, his owner Jennah Michelle says that his weight had gotten just a little bit out of hand. She had to put her very vocal buddy on a diet, and let’s just say that Cashew is not loving the new arrangement.

In Cashew’s Instagram bio we learn that this guy is a bit of a chow hound, particularly for cheese. When Jennah suddenly started withholding all of those yummy treats, Cashew was not shy about letting his displeasure be known.

The Indiana dog mom took a little video of Cashew that went incredibly viral with millions of views, in part because he’s so cute, but also because anyone who has ever restricted their diet knows exactly what this little guy is going through. The video starts with Cashew staring sadly at his empty bowl as Jennah speaks to him off-camera.

“Your breakfast is gone, move on,” Jennah tells a sullen Cashew. “You’ll get more tonight, you’re not starving!” That’s when Cashew decides to throw some attitude, whining and howling at Jennah in that distinctive Frenchie voice.


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