A dog who survived 19 days in the wild amid massive blizzards and freezing temperatures is back home with her family

Video footage captured the dog searching for food as she braves the elements during the historic snowfall in Big Bear, California.

Conditions in the region have left some families trapped in their homes and unable to travel, but for Marlee, this was a life-and-death situation.

Marlee’s ordeal started when her owner Lizbeth Berzinski’s car skidded on black ice and crashed.

A panicked Marlee jumped out of the backseat window and took off, unaware that a massive storm was slowly making its way to the area.

The heartbroken family desperately searched for the beloved dog but had no luck.

Even Lizbeth’s dad Jim Berzinski admits to Inside Edition that they had all but given up any hope that Marlee could still be alive.

“I didn’t think I was ever going to see her again,” Jim says.

There were Marlee sightings around the area, but the dog managed to evade rescue each time.

Then, Marlee started showing up at the same home each night at 8:30 p.m. for diner.

The dog would take the food, but then flee when the homeowners tried to grab their emaciated dinner guest.

Then, the homeowner’s son figured out how to get the dog safe and warm inside

“He had steak and pork chop. And he started putting pieces out,” homeowner Jenny Shelton says of her son. “And when [Marlee] had her very last piece he just put his arms around her and grabbed her.”

The family got the rescued animal indoors and then located the owners.

Soon after, a joyful and unexpected reunion took place as Lizbeth went to go get Marlee from the family that saved her life.


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