On a construction site in the Bronx, a tiny kitten named Yankee hid among the rubble, fighting for her life. With nothing to protect her from the winter chill, Yankee was essentially frozen. She wouldn’t have lasted much longer, but thankfully workers on the site found her and contacted Puppy Kitty NYCity for help.


“Construction workers heard her cries the day before and were looking for her,” Meagan Licari, president of Puppy Kitty NYCity, told The Dodo. “When they found her, she was freezing. When I got [there] her temp was so low it didn’t even register on a thermometer. She couldn’t pick up her head. I rushed her right to the emergency hospital.”

Yankee was so cold and fragile that she barely even noticed she was being rescued. She just let Licari take it from there. Once she was at the hospital, the vets sprang into action. She was freezing and starving, but once the little kitten started to warm up and get food in her belly, she slowly began coming back to life.

Licari was shocked and thrilled when Yankee began to transform into a playful little kitten. She truly was rescued just in time.

“It took her three days [in the] hospital to get back to normal,” Licari said. “She needed a lot of supportive care … She’s now the happiest girl!”

When construction workers first found Yankee, things looked bleak. Now she’s happier than ever and getting all the love and attention she deserves.

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