Is it a Kim Kardachshund?

A New York dog has become an online sensation thanks to his luscious, humanesque lips — which have earned the pup comparisons to Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and other pouty public figures.

“It’s not a filter — it’s just a freak thing that happens,” Laura Boehmke, 50, told Kennedy News of her “freaky” pet’s supersize smackers.

The Long Island native purchased the German short-haired pointer, named Griffin, in 2020, but didn’t notice anything was awry until one day when the pooch puckered his lips at her.

Griffin getting lippy.
“Every once in a while, I turn around and look at him and happen to catch it,” said owner Laura Boehmke.

Boehmke has shared numerous videos of her pup’s pout to her TikTok page, where the canine has become something of a celebrity.

One clip shows the dog’s kisser looking so plump it seems digitally enhanced or the result of a filler procedure gone awry.

“Some people have said it looks like Ben Stiller in ‘Zoolander,’ the Maybelline commercial, Kylie Jenner, lip filler — all kinds of stuff,” Boehmke said. “People have asked if it’s a filter, but it’s real. It happens every so often.”

Boehmke says she’s “never been close” enough to see how exactly Griffin fluffs his smackers. However, she believes his “lips get stuck on his teeth,” lending the illusion of a movie star pout.

“I know they’re getting caught on the side somehow but he puckers up with the way it happens,” she said. “It’s not like that all the time. Sometimes its just the bottom lip, the top lip or both.”

Either way, like Dumbo’s oversize ears, Griffin’s life-raft-evoking lips have been a lightning rod for online gawkers.

“That dog has lip filler, girl,” quipped one TikTok user, while another wrote, “Looks like he’s [giving] Zoolander’s Blue Steel look.”

Meanwhile, one commenter wrote, “Cuz that’s no dog, that’s a human.”


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