Mother Adopts Kitten for Her Toddler and They Form an Adorable Relationship (VIDEO)

If you’re a cat parent who’s about to become a human parent as well, we know, without a doubt, that you are at least somewhat concerned about how your two babies will react to one another. You want your cat to have a good reaction to the baby – to be gentle with the little human and to be kind. And you want your baby to be the same.

There’s such a stigma about cats being unfeeling and aggressive that, even we cat owners, can’t help but worry a little bit. It doesn’t matter that we know cats can be great with babies, that we’ve seen endless examples of cats being protective over human babies.

Well, in this case, this mom had no reason to worry whatsoever. She got a kitten for her toddler, and the two immediately got along. The baby is obviously smitten with the little kitty. We have never seen a toddler be so gentle with a cat before. And the kitty obviously loves the little human too. It’s a match made in heaven, and it’s too precious for this world. 


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