Sunday afternoon in the village of Raymond, in racine county, an elderly female homeowner’s two dogs went onto the pond chasing geese. Both dogs fell through the ice into the frozen water and the owner called a man who lives nearby for help. 

One of the pups was able to climb out of the freezing water but another was trapped. The man was about fifty feet offshore when he also fell through the ice. The Racine County Sheriff’s Office posted the following to their Facebook page. 

The report says, “The male was too weak to climb out and was holding on to the edge of the ice, trying to keep the dog afloat. He was estimated to have been in the frigid water over 10 minutes. Deputies and a Wisconsin State Trooper arrived on scene within minutes and deployed a life safety throw rope. The male was barely able to grasp the rope as his strength was fading. The 58-year-old male was pulled through the ice and to shore along with the dog.” 

The Sheriff’s office added the male victim and both dogs are expected to make a full recovery. Thank goodness everyone is okay! 

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