A Maine deputy took it upon himself to return an elderly dog to her owner after she was found nearly frozen to death. 

Sagadahoc County Communications Center said it received a report of a dog lying in the road in Arrowsic last weekend.

Deputy Mark Anderson responded but could not find the dog and began to search for it. 

While checking nearby ditches, he found “a very cold, female dog, appearing almost frozen to death,” according to the sheriff’s office Facebook post. 

Authorities said it appeared the dog had tried to climb out of the ditch after finding claw marks.

“She was holding her paw up and whimpering heavily when Deputy Anderson approached her,” the post continued. 

As temperatures were in the single digits, Anderson picked up the dog, placed her in his cruiser and brought her back to dispatch where she was given immediate care. She was given blankets and placed near a portable heater while her meal was being prepared. 

Meanwhile, Anderson put up flyers and began knocking on doors to locate the owner. 

He did find the owner and learned the dog was at least 14 years old and was let outside the night before but didn’t return home. 

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