This just goes to show what the power of love can do.

When Jace the shelter dog first found himself at Wayne County Animal Shelter, he was ‘literally skin and bones.’ He was so emaciated, in fact, that shelter staff wasn’t sure he would make it through the night.

As you’ll see in @adoptingdogs‘ inspiring video though, the brave little pup proved his rescuers wrong. Just wait until you see him now!

Happy endings for pets are our favorite thing, so we’re glad that @adoptingdogs shared Jace’s whole story. Isn’t it so inspiring to see what a little love can do?


@adoptingdogs Great job Wayne County Dog Shelter and congratulations to Jace! #fyp #foryou #dogvideo #shelterdog #rescuedog #adoption #woosterohio #ohio ♬ Believe (Inspirational Background Music) – Fearless Motivation Instrumentals

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