In November 2022, members of the Foundation for the Protection of Animal Rights EX LEGE picked up the doggo from a property in Lublin, Poland with the help of the police. The pup looked completely neglected at the time and was severely emaciated.

Per the animal welfare activists of, Kira’s death sentence was already sealed: The owner had already made an appointment for the dog’s euthanasia. However, she was saved at the last moment!

According to their own information, the activists were informed about the incident by a witness and were asked “for help, because despite intensive efforts … this person did not receive any help from a representative of one of the local organizations, which already had information about the animal owner.”

Although only a few months have passed since Kira’s rescue, she’s changed amazingly in that time.

The foundation shared several photos in a post on its Facebook page that clearly show that the neglected dog is in fact a beautiful German Shepherd.

“It’s only been 12 weeks… 🙏 We are looking for a home for her 🤗😻 Kira is an older female,” the post from read. 🤗. “She will be the greatest companion for a person who will give her attention, warmth and love ❤️. Kira is not a nuisance, she does not defecate at home, she does not destroy, she walks nicely on a leash. She is a very smart and balanced bitch. Perfect dog – only love.”


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