A litter of golden retriever puppies might be some people’s idea of heaven, but for one cat it was nothing short of a nightmare.

The black cat wandered into the kitchen only to be swarmed by the eight puppies. Instantly regretting his decision, poor Morty struggled to escape, failing to jump up onto the kitchen counter as he made a swift exit.

The adorable video was posted on TikTok (@brittmisfitscoven) on February 11 and it has already amassed 4.4 million views, as well as 657,000 likes. The caption alongside the video reads: “Morty not a fan of the time puppies were visiting.”

Morty’s owner, Britt, states that she rescues animals, with content ranging from Morty the cat, rescue dogs, cows, a chicken and an owl. With so many animals running around the home, anyone would have thought Morty would be used to meeting new creatures, but welcoming that many puppies into his home was a step too far.


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