Lifeguard Rescues Tiny Dog Swimming Out to Sea (VIDEO)

A daredevil dog was rescued by a lifeguard Saturday evening after it darted into the water at Long Beach and was spotted swimming out to sea.

The incident took place around 6 p.m. Saturday, when lifeguards were alerted to a pooch that was observed running loose in the Junipero Beach parking lot In Long Beach, according to a statement from the Long Beach Fire Department.

By the time lifeguards arrived, the small white pup had run out to the Pacific Ocean and started doggy-paddling away from shore.

One of the lifeguards donned his red wetsuit, grabbed his rescue board and buoy, and jumped in after the courageous canine to bring it to safety. 

Water temperatures off the coast of Long Beach were around 54 degrees Saturday.

The tiny pooch eventually made it out to the swim line, allowing the lifeguard to grab hold of the animal and place it on the board.

Footage shot at the scene shows the terrified, soaking-wet pooch being held down on the rescue board by the mustachioed lifeguard with one hand — while he uses the other to paddle to shore.   

The dog’s owner was not immediately located, so officers from Animal Care Services were summoned to take custody of the pet.

The Long Beach Fire Department later posted an update on its Facebook page, saying that the rescued puppy and its owner had been reunited.  


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