Neglected Mule Who’d Given Up Realizes She’s Being Rescued in Emotional Video (VIDEO)

There are some people who have a special touch when it comes to animals. We don’t know how or why, they just do. And even though we’re jealous, we’re more thankful than anything because these people truly help animals when they need it the most.

That’s how it is for TikTok user @ohkaytacos and her wife Ally. In a recent video, Ally is seen comforting a neglected mule who was left for a slaughterhouse. You’ll be able to spot the instant moment the mule realizes she’s being rescued. Grab a tissue for it though because it will get emotional!


@ohkaytacos The healing power of Allys heart takes these horses home. #ohkaytacos #horserescue ♬ Chasing Cars – Tommee Profitt & Fleurie

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