If a cat was raised around dogs or spent a lot of time with them, it’s possible that they picked up some canine behaviors. Just ask TikTok account  holder @Kaizargoeswild who has an absolutely gorgeous orange cat named Kaizar who has totally forgotten he is actually a cat. 

We have no idea why silly Kaizar behaves this way, but it’s possible that if a cat sees that their dog sibling is getting lots of attention for panting they might try to imitate the behavior in order to get the same level of attention. Or else Kaizar just thinks he’s a dog. Watch the following and see what you think! 

It should be noted that Kaizar’s owners state in the video that he has been to the veterinarian numerous times to be checked for heart and lung diseases, but the vet has given him a clean bill of health. Judging from how gorgeous Kaizar is, he could also have a bit of Maine Coon in him and those cats exhibit a lot of canine qualities, like playing fetch and begging. 


@kaizargoeswild Who let the dogs out ft Kaizar😆😆🤭 he also barks sometimes but I’ve never managed to catch it on camera yet🫣😂 #funny #cat #raisedwithdogs #Kaizar #viral #fyp #cute ♬ original sound – Kaizar & Fyssa

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