Firefighters Rescue Kitty Stuck inside ATM and Name Him Cash (VIDEO)

Cats are known for getting themselves stuck in all manner of places, but for the staff at Fort Smith Animal Haven, an ATM was a first.

A grey tabby had to be withdrawn from an ATM by Fort Smith Fire Department in Arkansas, after someone probably heard a meow inside the machine.

After arriving at the shelter, “Cash” surprised everyone with his story.

“Probably trying to find shade is why, but I can’t tell you how,” Alexis Bloom, a cat and kennel tech at Fort Smith Animal Haven, told local news.

“This is actually my first experience with a cat getting stuck in an ATM,” added vet tech Ashley Deane. “You know, I never thought that somebody would be able to go up and make a withdrawal and get a cat out instead of some cash, so now we have both.”

The tabby was hungry, cranky, in need of a bath, and a name. Cash was a pretty obvious choice for the little would be cat-burglar.

After a week or so, the kitten has made a full recovery, and is getting up to a healthy weight before he can receive his vaccinations and socialize with other kittens on his way to a foster home. No doubt cash will be a popular withdrawal after his story made headlines, but the shelter said there are plenty of loving animals in need of a home, all of which can be found on their adoption program website.

Recently GNN reported on a kitten (another grey tabby) stuck in a Pepsi Co. vending machine outside of a Walmart, proving that there is virtually no machinery too enclosed for a kitten to infiltrate.


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