One grumpy cat wasn’t so sure about the newest foster kitten his owner brought back at first. However, the poor kitten wasn’t accepting his refusals to play.

Joey’s owner shared the video of his initial reaction to Badger, the foster kitten in need of a home, on the TikTok account, @kittyboyandfriends. The clip has amassed over 20 million views after being posted on March 17.

Badger didn’t accept the cold shoulder that he was receiving from Joey, so he is seen persistently tapping the adult cat and nudging him for affection in the clip. Finally, after a few snarls and hisses, Joey caved in and started warming to Badger. Now, the pair have “bonded forever.”



Joey is every single dad who “doesn’t want a cat” 😂 P.S. We are now accepting applications for Badger! If interested, please apply at the link in bio 💕

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