Cats get a bad rap for being stand-offish, mean, aloof, unloving, cold, etc. But if you think that, you just haven’t given a cat a chance to get to know you. Cat people and parents know that every cat is different and some just need to get to know you a little better before they become your lifelong bestie. 

Recently, a cat mom posted about her feline friend on social media and she shared the most wholesome and adorable moment they had together. The kitten was only a year and needed some serious dental surgery. The cat, who she named Beef, was diagnosed with upper gum disease and was losing teeth and in a lot of pain. So after the surgery, he was feeling much better and he was SOOOOO happy to see his mom. 

They get in the car together and Beef won’t stop giving his mom kisses—it’s absolutely adorable and wholesome. You can truly see how much this cat loves his mom and how happy and grateful he is to have her. 


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