Want to improve your chances of catching a home run ball at a spring training game? One fan discovered that bringing your dog to the park can really help, especially if it’s the next Air Bud.

One pooch gave us all a big smile during an MLB spring training game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Kansas City Royals on Saturday. And the dog has now become a fan favorite.

A fan’s dog caught a home run ball after a Royals batter went yard. The play might be enough to land this canine a contract as a shortstop somewhere:

Yes, we’re all aware that the ball took a bounce (or two) before the dog caught it. But he still had to have some pretty good awareness to snag it away from a mob of fans.

The best part? When everyone realized that the dog was the one to make the play. The entire stadium erupted in cheers and everyone around the dog began clapping to celebrate the canine’s big catch. Well, there was one individual who appeared less-than-impressed that a dog stole a home run ball from him. All we have to say about that? Get over it, guy.

These are the kind of moments we love to see in sports. We’re going to need people to start taking their four-legged friends to baseball games more often so we can see more scenes like this.

Let’s be honest, the dog attending Saturday’s spring training game didn’t need to catch a home run ball to become a fan favorite. But making that play certainly added to the pooch’s popularity.

Even fans not attending the Dodgers-Royals contest over the weekend fell in love with the dog — and his athletic ability.

“This makes Top 25 coolest moments for sure,” one Twitter user wrote. Another individual said, “This puts a smile on my face.” A third chimed in, “So a dog has accomplished something I have yet to do. Dope.”

One social media user made the best point of the day, saying, “So the lesson is – dogs should be allowed at EVERY game.”


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