A fluffy orange tiger, Mojo the kitten, was “devilishly handsome” when rescuers saved him off the streets of South Los Angeles. Everyone was kitten smitten by the fluffy orange tabby who was living dangerously. He was one of the lucky ones who got rescued and remained super-charming and friendly despite finding himself abandoned and alone in a scary urban world. 

Initially, a woman named Carina found Mojo and arranged transport for him to Long Beach rescuers. Thanks to her and someone able to drive him, he would have no worries and get all the care he needed. Volunteering to transport kittens when possible is one of many ways you can help generally overwhelmed rescues nationwide.

How Mojo ended up on the streets at four months old is unclear. But his kitten charisma likely helped him survive because everyone who saw him was smitten.

Mojo shortly after rescue from the streets of South LA.

Mojo shortly after rescue from the streets of South LA. Images via Instagram/queenofheartsrescue

In addition to his looks, he was sweet, playful, and well-adjusted to being around people, other cats, and dogs. In most cases, rescuers spend weeks socializing with newly-rescued and fearful kitties, but not Mojo. He had everything going for him once he made it to a safety.

Mojo, CAAT Friends, Fluffy orange tabby, Los Angeles, Queen of Hearts Rescue

Here’s how CAAT Friends rescuers described Mojo, who had everyone wrapped around his little paw. He was purrfect both inside and out.

Mojo, CAAT Friends, Fluffy orange tabby, Los Angeles

Fortunately, this kitten’s days as a future Casanova on the dangerous streets never happened. He was neutered, potentially preventing suffering for thousands of kittens. Sadly, the vast majority of the kittens on the streets would lead a far less charmed life if they survived at all.

But as for Mojo, the rescuers sought a furever home for him with a similarly playful cat or dog friend.

Find Your ‘Mojo’ at a Shelter Near You

Considering the reaction from everyone, it was no surprise when Mojo found a home just one day after an adoption post. They shared a final video of the fluffy meowdel waving everyone farewell as he set off to charm his new family in record time.

Fluffy orange tabby swipes at camera, CAAT Friends, Los Angeles

Some reactions from followers were, “He’s so freakin perfect I can’t,” and “[I’m] smitten with da kitten!”

The story of Mojo is one of many examples of finding stunning cats and kittens at a shelter or rescue near you. There’s never any reason to go to a breeder. Not only are they beautiful, but pets from a shelter make unsurpassed companions and are so grateful. They just need one chance to charm their way into your heart. And as always, we recommend considering an adult or senior cat, who often go overlooked despite having so much to offer.

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