An elderly stray dog that was “exhausted and starving” stayed in his bed for two whole days and slept” following a rescue by the Dublin Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA).

Last week rescue workers at the charity found Gandalf, who was underweight. As well as this Gandalf’s coat was in very poor condition with bald patches and his skin was dry and sore with alopecia.

The DSPCA told Dublin Live: “Gandalf was brought to our treatment area and his carer Lynda said that apart from toilet breaks he stayed in his bed for 2 whole days and slept.

“It’s heartbreaking to see old dogs being forgotten about and discarded but sadly we see it too often.”

Gandalf is now getting “lots of love” from staff and vets (Image: DSPCA)

Thankfully, Gandalf is now safe and the DSPCA said he is already feeling better, with his vet confirming the pooch’s appetite is “ravenous” and “has hair regrowth and his skin looks less inflamed but still crusty”.

However, the DSPCA care staff and vets will continue to keep a close eye on the ageing dog throughout the coming weeks to make sure that “he receives the best care and lots of love”.

Furthermore, the animal welfare organization are aiming to find a “loving forever home” for Gandalf.

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