There are some human beings out there who we are supremely and unreasonably (totally reasonably) jealous of. They’re the Disney princess-type of people who somehow convinced all the most unexpected animals to love them and be friends with them. It’s the man who became part of a pride of lions – who gets to cuddle with them and play with them. It’s the man who has a pet duck who likes to take trips – to Target, to Toys R Us, to McDonalds. It’s the woman who accidentally adopted a wolf, and the wolf actually decided to stick around and become part of the family. Seriously, the jealousy we feel is real.

And here you have it, another human to be jealous of. ‘I don’t want anybody trying this at home,’ says the woman in the video who somehow became part of a bear clan. A bear clan, yes – multiple mamma bears and all their cubs hanging out with this one human.


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